Super 8 Projector – Eumig Mark S 807 D

Amiga completed, Libretto completed – time for a new hobby!
How about 8mm projection?

It did sound like something that could interest me, but a few setbacks were sure to follow. More on that a bit later.

First things first – so I started researching and trying to settle on a manufacturer and model. A few key points were clear early on. There is more to 8mm than Super 8, there is also Standard and Single 8. I did find a few good manufacturers and the time span that was most interesting to me. It would also need to have magnetic sound. With that I should be fine for now. I settled with projectors from Eumig from around 1970.

And I did find the one I wanted to have, the Eumig Mark S 807 D, which I found together with 5 films, an old school projection table and screen for around 70€

It is already running and tested – everything wars flawlessly – how boring πŸ˜‰

I was almost a little bit sad, the thing was in almost perfect condition and works perfectly well. Even the movies that were included are in mint condition, no redness, no artifacts and perfect image and sound.

Here he is!

So what would someone like me do? Of course take it apart, maybe there is still something left to fix!

Everything included!

I later learned that there is a kit included to retrofit the projector to play other 8mm formats. This kit is often missing and would make the projector be worth way less. They can be found on the inside of the case. I was lucky and everything was there

Very interesting!

Even on the inside everything was fine. I gave it a good cleaning, especially around the lamp and lenses. The image is a lot cleaner now!

Very interesting how this works

Extremely interesting how a projector works. I could even do something here! The lubricant in a lot of places was gone, thick or crusty. So that could easily be cleaned and re greased! Now everything is much smoother. The flywheel is spinning forever and everything is much quieter! I also fixed the recording button, it was very fickle and you had to give it a few good presses for audio to work.


One would think that nothing would stand in the way of many nice movie evenings….
From now on it gets a little frustrating πŸ™ After everything was done I started searching for all the cool old movies I wanted to watch.

I learned that it is an extremely expensive hobby to have. I even made a great purchase, one of the movies I got with the projector is worth almost worth more than the rest combined.

I also learned that Super 8 is mostly short cuts of movies, trailers or separately released scenes, mostly not complete movies. Even those can be extremely expensive. The few complete cuts of movies I found (on 2-4 rolls) can go from 50€ to as much as 700€, that frustrated me a lot πŸ™‚

It does not get better if you just decide to get a cheap Super 8 camera to do your own recordings (there is a reason they are so cheap…). Movie stock, which is good for a whopping 3 minutes costs from 25€ to 40€ and again the same amount to develop it.

Well OK, I have everything ready – so if I ever come across a few cheap movies on a flea market I am ready to go. In any case it was really nice to look into this topic!

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