Amiga 500 Keyboard Repair

My first Amiga is now finished and I want to share with one of the more interesting repairs I had to do. In this article I will talk about how to repair the membrane of the Amiga 500 Keyboard.

Sadly, a few keys did not work:

– It was exactly one line (7,U,J,M)
– I completely took it apart, cleaned all connections and looked for obvious errors
– I continued to take it apart to get to the membrane
– On there you can easily see the error, one connection was broken and after tracing it, it was clear that this connection is at fault

My first approach was to use graphite paste and according to my measurements that would be OK. It just did not work though. Maybe the resistance was too high.

The Error!
If you mask it using Tape it gets really easy!

The second approach, using silver paint worked like a charm, with a few setbacks in between 😉

My obervations:
– Use a good semi transparent plastic tape (KAPTON for example) – it makes it so much cleaner
– You really do not need to use abrasives here, I did and it cost me at least another connection. Use nail polish remover – you can focus it much better
– Do not use clear nail paint, it will destroy the new connections you made, use something like scotch tape
– Because of a few errors I made (for example sealing it with transparent nail paint, using abrasived and bad tape) I had about 5 connections to fix at the end

Not beautiful but it works!

Here is a link to the silver paint: Link!

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