Dual 1218 – Cartridge Contact Cleaning

A while ago I showed you my new turn table. After getting it to actually work (more on that later) there were still quite a few issues. Only one channel was working and there were a lot of artifacts.I first thought the needle was broken. But after I inspected the cartridge there was at least one very visible issue. The contacts were misaligned.
After taking it apart more issues were visible, the contacts were almost black, oxidized!

A simple cleaning was not enough, a rougher approach was needed 🙂
I used some dentist tools (don’t ask why I have them…) to clean it up. That worked perfectly. For other repairs I noticed that some dental tools can come in extremely handy, I can recommend a toolset like this. I also used it to get the little springs working again that connect the cartridge.

But back to the contacts, with one of the tools I could easily remove then and clean up the oxidized parts. After that another cleaning and they looked as good as new!

Here are the cleaned contacts!

The small spring thingy on the board was bend again to have a better grip on the board and the board placed carefully where it belonged.

I attached a nice after picture, I haven’t made one before the cleaning, but just imagine the same with almost black contacts 🙂

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