Dual 1218 – My first turntable

Because I always loved the idea of vinyl Marcus got me an old WEGA Studio 3213 Hifi station with integrated Dual 1218 turntable for my birthday.
A set of old Bang & Olufsen 3702 speakers was included too.

The WEGA does come with some nice features for adjusting bass or balance for example and some static and other filters.
There is also an radio included. Something is wrong with the antenna connector, no matter what I connect I can not get a good signal.
But that will have to wait for later 🙂

The whole package!

The Dual 1218 is a quite nice turntable in theory. A nice gimbal suspended arm system with counter wheight and a setting for pressure. They apparently used a lighter design for the first time. This part still works flawlessly even today, that is amazing.It also comes with anti-skating, automatic start/stop, that makes using it really easy. You can set starting position (for singles/lp’s), set the speed of the platter or correct pitch. Pretty much all you will need and purely mechanic.

Because the Dual 1218 came out in 1971 to 1974 there were some signs of time on it. It was covered in dirt and dust. So a good cleaning was in order 🙂

Well, that could be it right? Of course Marcus gave me the gift of really getting involved in this instead of a care free package. Because..nothing actually works! There are a few articles coming about how I learned to repair the speed selector, the friction drive, the capacitor and much more.

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