Toshiba Libretto 100CT – A first Look!

I wanted to get me a Toshiba Libretto since I was a teenager when my father took me to computer fares at our local university. Sadly, I never got one (they were expensive at the time).

But now that I am, according to my girlfriend, in the midst of a semi-midlife-crisis I can finally go a get all the cool stuff I always wanted to have 🙂 So now I can start tinkering!

The 100CT normally comes with a 166Mhz Pentium Processor and 32MB of RAM. Included is also an old ~2GB mechanical Harddrive.
That’s not even bad, especially if you plan to use it to play old DOS or Windows 9x Games!

I was positively surprised, the conditon of mine was really good. A little bit dirty but perfectly functional and not a single piece missing.
But apparently it came in the default factory setting of only 32MB of RAM.

It currently runs Windows Me (no idea why the previous owner thought that was a good idea) and is completely filled up with dead files, like old Windows versions used to do when you used them for longer periods. So the first thing I want to do is get Windows 98SE on there, that will work much better, especially on the DOS part. I have an old PCMCIA CF Adapter, that works nicely to get games and other files on there.

I also got the big docking station:
– PS2 Mouse x 1
– PS2 Keyboard x 1
– VGA x 1
– Serial x 1
– Parallel x 1
– PCMCIA Type I, II and III PC card slots x 2
– USB 1.1 x 1

After a little bit of research, the projects I want to do are quit clear. Overclock it to at least 233Mhz, maybe even 266Mhz. There is also a mod to add a 64MB RAM module from another Toshiba Notebook to get it to a whopping 96MB! As well as a solid state disk to save battery time and speed up everything (using a CF-IDE adapter). I also want to build a custom battery that holds more of a charge!

For now I am still collecting parts, but the first work will start this week.

It lives 🙂

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