My “first” Amiga

Ok, first is a little bit of a lie, I already had an Amiga I could use as a child (it belonged to my father) and there are a lot of great memories attached to that!

Because I now have the space and time to do it, I decided to relive some of these childhood memories (I already got a Carrera track on christmas =D)

That is how it looked when I got it, really bad yellowing (almost brown)

At the beginning:
– A500 6a with Joysticks, Mouse and 1084S for 50€
– A few faults, like some keys were broken and the disk drive did not work
– The color was horrible, I tried cleaning it and using H2O2 but to no avail
– But it worked!

The Paintjob is actually looking kinda nice

After a week:
– Disk drive is cleaned and working properly
– I got a whole lot of discs in exchange for chocolate =D
– I repaired the keyboard using silver paint
– ACA500+, Gotec, Capacitors and 512K Extension ordered
– After countless tries with H2O2 and Retrobright I gave up and started painting it

– Everything is done and working perfectly
– ACA and Gotec are installed without modifying the case, booting from the ACA to WB and Gotec for a more authentic experience
– Capacitors changed
– Added stickers to the keyboard (I do not like them but there were no other available)
– ClassicWB and WHDLoad installed with a whole lot of games – everything just works!

The completed Amiga

That is enough for now. I can do everything I ever wanted to do with an Amiga (and more) and play all the old games I have fond memories of.

For the next project I will get me a DOS/Windows computer, most likely a Toshiba Libretto 100CT. Later another Amiga might also be nice 🙂

There is still a bit of work left in this project. I want a case for the ACA and some LED lighting.

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