New Articles

To motivate us to actually write about the stuff we do, here is a small list of articles that we intend to write:

  • Gameboy with Kite’s Circuit Sword
  • Sega Dreamcast VMU with Raspberry PI zero
  • Our new CR10 3D Printer
  • Build a working Libretto out of 5 non working ones
  • Electronic gear for small projects
  • Using an old IBM Thinkpad for video capture
  • Amiga mice repair
  • Small Retropie console to play at home
  • Building a big enclosure for a bearded dragon
  • Rats, our new baby rats, how to seperate and the new cage
  • Modding the CR10 – New board, display, firmware, z achsis and filament sensor
  • VMU with Raspberry PI using a premade PCB and modular with a button PCB

A lot happened but we were too lazy to write about it 🙂

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