Modification SCART Adapter, VHS and Videograbbers with VirtualDub

Time for a new Project 🙂

It feels like it was not that long ago that I still watched my videos as VHS tapes (OK, those weren’t mine, but my parents and I guess it has been about 15-20 years…).

Because my Super 8 Collection was lacking, due to the enourmous prices and lackluster catalog I thought, why not a few old VHS tapes. It was so great to find out that this stuff is dirt cheap, that makes for a very rewarding collection!

I got about a hundred tapes and two recorders for…nothing, free – great!

My collection already grew and I have about 200-250 tapes coming up this weekend, also for free.
I did also buy a few for cheap that I really wanted to have.

Even for free there were a lot of brilliant movies that fill my heart with nostalgia. I already watches the last (old) Indiana Jones movie with Anne and there are so many others like the Alien movies or From Dusk till Dawn that we look forward to watching!

But now to the interesting part, the technical stuff!

For our Hi8 camera I already bought a very cheap USB Videograbber on Amazon (later more on that) and found a few SCART Adapters in one of the drawers.Should be really easy to get this running. The Recorders have an SCART and a TV output. So, put the adapter there and connect it to the analog input on your TV and you should be ready to go. Well, that didn’t work. Also didn’t work on the Videograbber, no audio or video.

We do have a rather new TV, but it still has a TV input, so we could get it running over that. For a quick test of the recorders that was enough.

The quality was fine in my opinion, the tapes aged well and even over TV the quality was OK, sound was a little rough and the video a bit grainy – but that makes it authentic doesn’t it ? 😉

But I wanted to know what was going on with the SCART adapter:
Wikipedia Link

Pinout SCART Connector
Pin 1 Audio Output (R) Pin 2 Audio Input (R)
Pin 3 Audio Output (L) Pin 6 Audio Input (L)
Pin 4 Audio Ground
Pin 17 Composite Ground
Pin 19 Composite Output Pin 20 Composite Input

My adapters were from my old consoles. The consoles mostly had an analog output and you were supposed to put the adapter on the SCART connector on the TV. And after checking, it made sense that my adapters were wired to the Input pins (Pin 2, 4, 6 and Pin 17, 20).

On Amazon there are adapters with a switch to change between IN/OUT pinouts. Because I can’t wait I resoldered one of my adapters.

SCART adapter now with soldered to output

It works perfectly well.

The quality got a lot better and now the Videograbber worked too.
A tip for that: Windows 10 already had a generic driver for it. The ones that came with the grabber were unstable and crashed my system. The included software was also horrible.

I can definetely recommend VirtualDub to capture or just view the grabber data.
You just have to start it up, click on Capture AVI, select the source and enable preview. You can do a lot of other nice settings. I set up the cropping to get rid of the fuzzy edges and added a filter for the remaining statics.

And you can easily record everything now too.


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