Pasting Table Part 1

Now that I have a few new toys with the Amiga and the Libretto, it was time to find a place for them.

The idea was to buy a heavily used pasting table, weather it some more and then use a clear coat.

I got one for cheap on Saturday, it is OK even though it does not as bad as it was supposed to 🙂
Anne will do the weathering next week – in the meantime I went ahead and made it structurally sound by adding a few pieces of wood beneath the very thin (just a few mm) table board.

Without the extra wood, a heavy CRT monitor will just crash through. I intended to do 2-3 pieces per table element, in the end one was enough.

That should be enough 🙂

Here is the result:

Looks nice 🙂

Maybe I will add another wood construction instead of the metal one later, for now it holds perfectly well!

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