About us

We are a very open minded young couple and we want to share some interesting things from our day to day lives with you!

Here you can find:

  • Articles about my tinkering
  • Articles about our pets and other hobbies
  • Articles about interesting products or suppliers
  • Articles about anything else we might currently be interested in

We are:

A young open minded couple that wants to share its experiences with others.
Over time you might get to know us better and all the weird stuff that goes through our heads 🙂
We hope that you can find something useful here and hope to see you again!


I am 32 years old and a Soft- / Hardware developer by trade.
I am interested in software development, prototyping and all sorts of tinkering!

My articles include:
  • Everything technical (from small home improvement mods to software stuff, old computers and hardware projects)
  • RPG’s (on the board, like Shadows of Brimstone)
  • Tutorials about more interesting Hardware projects (like building a gameboy zero!)
That’s me! (Marcus)


I am 22 years old and am currently on my way into the job world (doing my apprenticeship now).
I am mostly interested in all topics that include animals and art!

My articles include:
  • All about my pets, including articles about food, toys or other ways to keep them occupied
  • Everything about home improvement
  • Games like Harvest Moon, Sims, Tomb Raider and stuff like that
Anne, Reviews Profilfoto
That’s me (Anne) !

Have fun on our blog !

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